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A Community Place

Tara Farms (previously Wills Berry Hill) began in the Fall of 2020. After searching for the right place to live and raise her daughter, Tiffany purchased the 18-acre farm from her now good friend and mentor, Chuck Wills. Chuck has been in the “berry business” since 1999 distributing fruit and veggies from farms to market between Yakima, WA to Bend, OR. He resides on the farm and continues to guide Tiffany along the way. The Farm Manager, Ismael and his family have been farming here since 2013 and remain in residence, too. Tiffany, Chuck and Ismael are now making decisions together and finding their way through the transition from conventional cultural management practices to regenerative, organic ones! The transition will be years in the making. 


Tara Farms aims to be an organic, regenerative farm project. We focus on making delicious, healthy food available equitably and locally. We act to nourish and heal our earth, bodies, hearts and minds.

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